An Earthbag dome built by Earth, Hands and Houses in Zambia in 2012.

Earthbag Workshop, Poland
Warsztaty Budowy z Worków Wypełnionych Ziemią Earthbag, Superadobe.

An Earthbag dome built by Earth, Hands and Houses in Zambia in 2012.

A similar but larger dome we built in Zambia in 2012.

A dome being built at a Earthbag workshop in Zambia in 2012

The Zambian dome takes shape 

Lovely local food to start the day...

Lovely local food to start the day…

Earthbag dome participants learn how to position an earthbag.

Workshop participants practice the art of accurately positioning a tube of earth…

Happy attendees of an Earthbag workshop in Poland, 2012.

“The dome WE built!” – Poland, 2012

A 5 day Earthbag Dome Workshop.

25th – 30th June 2016.
25-30 czerwca 2016.

Workshop taught by Jarema Dubiel in both Polish and English.
Warsztaty prowadzone sa przez Jareme Dubiel sa one blisko w jezyku polskim oraz angielskim.

This workshop is held in a beautiful place surrounded by pine forest. The site is near the town of Nowe Miasto, and just 30km from the Warsaw Modlin airport.
On this workshop site there is a superadobe earth bag dome covered in shingle and a small straw bale house with a green roof.
60km od Warszawy, w lesie niedaleko Nowego Miasta, Plonska.

Click here to watch a Youtube video of one of Jarema’s workshops on Polish TV.
Tu mozesz zobaczyc film  Youtube video  w  TV.

What You Will Learn

This workshop will teach you how to build with earthbags and some of the things you will learn are:

  • Site preparation,
  • drainage,
  • foundation,
  • construction of a wall,
  • Earthbag compression,
  • how much to tamp the bags so they are solid
  • Earth bag wall stabilization, making an arch
  • Building a dome,
  • plastering with clay and lime to protect from UV erosion.
  • …and more..

Budowa z worków wypełnionych piaskiem, gliną lub żwirem.
Warsztaty beda pokrywac:

  • przygotowanie terenu,
  • wykonanie drenu,
  • poczatek sciany,
  • ubijanie worków ,
  • stabilizacja sciany,
  • wykonanie skrzyni okiennej,
  • wykonanie łuku/arch/,
  • formowanie kopułki,
  • zabezpieczenie wapnem ,gliną przed uv,
  • …itd…

Book Your Place

The price of the five day workshop is 200€.

Koszt 200EU
dla osób z europy srodkowej mozliwosc znizki

Numbers on the workshop will be limited to ensure a good learning experience, and we are expecting the allocated places to fill up before the workshop begins.

To book your place in english:
email or
call Paulina on +34 611345383 .

Aby zarezerwować miejsce w języku polskim:
Jarema Dubiel
Tel. + 48 (0) 504-340-261

Food, Location, Accommodation

Vegetarian food will be available at an additional cost, payable upon arrival. The food will comprise a self service breakfast, full cooked lunchtime meal, and a light supper.

Accommodation: there will be a large camping field for those people who have their own tent.
Zapewniamy: Darmove pole namiotowe, noclegi w namiotach wlasnych, lub lokalne kwatery,  obiady wegetariańskie, wieczorne ogniska

Please note that consumption of alcohol and smoking on the site are not allowed due to the remote nature of the workshop location.

Workshop Timing

The earthbag dome workshop will run from 10am to 6pm on each day. You will be welcome to arrive the day before the workshop and to leave the day afterwards.

But there is more…

This will be more than just an earthbag dome workshop – it will be a wonderful opportunity to enjoy learning and relaxing amongst like minded people, some who may become your friends for life!

Earthbag Homes in Disaster Regions

Click here to read more about why earthbag homes are a great construction method to introduce into the world’s poorer, disaster prone communities.

Learn more…

Hear Paulina talk about her experience and vision for Earth, Hands and Houses:


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