Laurent Langlais Feng Shui Consultant

Laurent LanglaisLaurent is a Feng Shui consultant who will attend and present at the Planning Your Dream Natural Home Workshop in August 2015. Here is some background to his work.

While Feng Shui is very often thought to be a tool of interior design, at its core it is a very old wisdom about designing architecture around natural forces.  By understanding the natural Chi and harnessing it, any building conceived in harmony with its surrounding can support our lives better. Laurent Langlais, accredited Feng Shui consultant trained in Asia, will explain to us how to link space, time and the people into a holistic form of architecture that accounts for the natural energies surrounding us. He will offer us insights on what designing homes and business with classical Feng Shui can bring us and how it will support all aspect of our lives: relationship, family, wellbeing, career and income. 

Laurent Langlais is a consultant specialized in Eastern and Western metaphysics trained by the 2500 years old Han Wu lineage. His mastery of Feng Shui principles and formulas make him an expert in the field of designing unique spaces that benefit from an optimum level of energy and harmony. He will join us for the summer workshops to explore how Feng Shui can be incorporated into natural and self-sustainable buildings. To discover his services, please visit

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