Natural Building Architect Services

We have 19 years of experience as natural building architects with extensive experience of natural materials for building and styling homes. In particular, we use straw bale, earthbag, cordwood, cob, timber, clay and lime techniques  and other natural materials like bamboo for interior and exterior styling and finishes. Much of our work has been written about in many European style magazines. Our services include:

Natural Building Architectural Design

We are a certified architectural practice in the UK and Poland and can produce architectural drawings for your natural building project from an entire eco-house to a low-impact extension to your existing home.

Interior design

Natural materials add style to your home which are healthy, inexpensive and have a low environmental impact. We provide designs including anything from clay paints to a sculpted clay oven.

We use natural materials such as stone, wood, bamboo clay and lime bringing uniqueness and harmony in to your home.


Much of our work is based on the principles of permaculture and as such we are able to provide a wide portfolio of consulting services around natural building which can be delivered as a lecture(s) or as one to one consulting. The consulting services include:

  • Healthy Homes
  • Natural building, using any of the natural building technologies we specialise in
  • Toxins around the home
  • Survival school: how to live a healthy life in a contaminated society



We have been building with natural materials for many years. All of our buildings have been built via workshops by people with little or no experience of building, all of which gain the practical experience necessary to make informed decisions about using natural materials for their own homes. We can run workshops at your location, on your project or you can attend any of our regular workshops in Poland. Our workshops include:

  • Building with strawbale, cordwood, rammed earth, earthbag, cob and timber.
  • Earthen plasters
  • Earthen floors
  • Clay and other natural paints,
  • Building and sculpting clay ovens and hot tubs

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