Requests for Natural Building Workshops On Your Site

Even mothers with their young children can take part...

Zambia, October 2012.

The structure we made at our Turkey workshop in October 2013.

Turkey, October 2013.

Thailand Workshop Group

Thailand, February 2014

Every week, we receive requests from around the world to do natural building workshops on a project. It would be wonderful to say “yes” all those requests and travel the world doing natural building all year round – but we have a family life right now with children at school, so that just isn’t possible.

Currently, we are able to teach one “far away” workshop per year, usually in the October – March time frame. By “far away”, we mean outside of either the south of England, or the Alicante province of Spain where we also own a house. Committing to such a project involves a lot of planning time, travel time, teaching time,  time to re-connect with our family life when we return, along with the costs of travel. Like everyone else, we have bills to pay, and so we need to charge for our services.

Our charges for running a natural building workshop on your site are based on fixed amounts for travel and the time to run the workshop, with a refund to you for each paying workshop attendee. Here is how it works:

The travel and accommodation cost will be based on the price of two or three people to travel to your site from England (two workshop leaders, and maybe one of our children).

The time to run your workshop with two teachers is based on 300 euros per day of the workshop plus an additional three days of set up / post workshop time and additional days to cover the travel time.

For each attendee who pays to attend the workshop we will refund you 50% of the money they paid. Workshops are usually charged at around 50 euros per person per day.

So, for example, if we run an 8 day workshop with 10 paying attendees and two days of travel, then your costs would be:

13 days of time at 300 euros per day – a total of 3,900 euros.

10 attendees paying 400 euros each, taking 50% of this, refunds 2000 euros.

Total amount for you to pay is 1,900 euros,  plus travel and accommodation costs.

An 8 day natural building workshop is usually enough time for us to pass on the necessary knowledge for natural building and a basic background in plastering techniques to protect and finish the structure, so you can complete the project with your own team.

Please also be aware that preparing to host, accommodate, feed and have tools and materials available for around 20 people is a lot of work from your side too!

If you would like to find out more information, please email us at

We look forward to hear from you!

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