Straw Bale and Clay Plaster Workshop, Poland
Budowa z Kostki Słomianej Warsztaty, Polska

A similar straw bale structure we made at our Turkey workshop in October.

A larger straw bale structure we made at our Turkey workshop in October 2013.

Clay plastering the joints between bales...

Clay plastering the joints between bales…

Having fun in the sun...

Having fun in the sun…

The walls take shape... clay plastering the bale walls.

The walls take shape… clay plastering the bale walls.

Jarema Dubiel teaching some theory to last years straw bale workshop group

Jarema Dubiel teaching some theory to last years straw bale workshop group

People having fun at a Clay Plastering Workshop run by Earth, Hands and Houses.

Workshops are always lots of fun!

A straw bale and clay plastering workshop taught by Jarema Dubiel  – cost: 280 Euros
Budowa domku z kostki slomianej i tynkowanie glina – koszt: 280 Euros

9-15 Czerwca 2018, in  Przelomka, Poland
Budowa z kostki slomianej i tynkowanie glina 9-15 czerwca, PRZELOMKA

This workshop is set in a very wild and beautiful place, 200m from the cleanest classified lake in Poland, the 5km long lake Hańcza.  Here, the neighbours are beavers and storks.  This is also the site of a beautiful straw bale house and Przelomka is also the village of the first straw bale load-bearing house in Poland.
Warsztaty sa prowadzone w pieknym miejscu, na suwalszczyznie, nad jeziorem Hancza, do okola lasy i laki.

This workshop is taught by Jarema Dubiel, in both Polish and English.
Warsztaty prowadzone sa przez Jareme Dubiel sa one blisko w jezyku polskim oraz angielskim.

Click here to watch a Youtube video of one of Jarema’s workshops on Polish TV.
Tu mozesz zobaczyc film  Youtube video  w  TV.

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What You Will Learn

This workshop is a wonderful opportunity to gain hands-on experience of constructing and plastering a small straw bale structure.

Topics covered will be:

  • Site preparation and building of foundations for straw bale walls using earthbag, stone & lime, including the compression wires.
  • Learning about the qualities of straw bales
  • Straw bale wall raising
  • Hazel wall pinning
  • Installation of ventilation tubes
  • Deviding the straw bales
  • Cutting & tying straw bales
  • Sowing of corners
  • Wall compression
  • Preparation of compression wall plates
  • Preparation of clay plasters for protection of the wall
  • learning the sculpting layer plaster and the smooth plaster finishes

Poruszane tematy będą:

  • podmurówka z worków wypełnionych ziemia /sandbag/
  • z warstwą oddychającą
  • montowanie prętów
  • zabezpieczenie wapnem i obłożenie kamieniami podmórówki
  • rozpoznawanie jakosci slomianej kostki budowlanej
  • stawianie ściany
  • montowanie wentylacji
  • dzielenie kostki,
  • wiązanie kostki,
  • szycie rogów,
  • stabilizacja sciany zszywanie prętów
  • przygotowanie i ułożenie drabinek
  • kompresowanie ściany,
  • wstępny tynk gliniany zabezpieczający
  • dwie warstwy tynków glinianych

This straw bale workshop will be mainly hands-on, building a small temporary structure out of straw bales, and applying all the different clay plaster techniques.

Book Your Place

The price of the  workshop is 280€.

Numbers on the workshop will be limited to ensure a good learning experience, and we are expecting the allocated places to fill up before the workshop begins.

To book your place in english:
email info@EarthHandsAndHouses.org or
call Paulina on +44 7787918184 .

Aby zarezerwować miejsce w języku polskim:
Jarema Dubiel
Email: jaremadubiel@tlen.pl
Tel. + 48 (0) 504-340-261

Food, Location, Accommodation

Vegetarian food will be available at an additional cost, payable upon arrival. There will be a large free camping field for those people who have their own tent.
Zapewniamy: Darmove pole namiotowe, noclegi w namiotach wlasnych, lub lokalne kwatery,  obiady wegetariańskie, wieczorne ogniska.

Click here to read more details about food, travel and accommodation for this workshop.

Please note that consumption of alcohol and smoking on the site are not allowed.

Workshop Timing

The workshop will run from 10:00 to 18:00 on each day. If you are  camping, you are welcome to arrive any time two days before the workshop starts and to depart a day after the workshop ends, so staying a little longer then the workshop time in exchange for some clearing up help.

But there is more…

This will be more than just a straw bale workshop – it will be a wonderful opportunity to enjoy learning and relaxing amongst like minded people, some who may become your friends for life!

Learn more…


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