Earth, Hands and Houses Projects

Earth, Hands and Houses have been involved in the construction of many natural building projects over the last 17 years. For the best photo galleries of our work, please see the following links:

Our most recent project is documented below:

Straw Bale House at Lake Hancza, Poland, 2006-2012


Foundations of straw bale construction house in Poland

Round stone foundation without cement, with gravel between for a straw bale wall.

Timber frame of straw bale house.

The timberframe structure of the house.

The first straw bale being laid.

The first straw bale being laid to form a wall, which will be wrapped around the structure.

The straw bale wall being stacked.

The straw bale wall being stacked.

volunteers fixing the straw bale wall in Poland, Przelomka by lake Hancza

Compression of the straw bale wall

flimsy straw bale compression

Compression of individual straw bale

volunteers who completed the first wall of a straw bale wall system with hazel pinning and natural stone foundations

The first straw bale wall to be compressed

clay and straw clay plater application by volunteers

The wall being plastered by volunteers with a thick external straw clay plaster mix

natural plaster mixed with a shovel and applied onto the straw bale walls

The final layer of clay plaster being applied onto the rear elevation

volunteers on a cordwood workshop

The porch under construction

organic shaped door way

The main entrance

a cordwood porch with glass jars as windows and clay mortar

The porch before the final plaster is applied

terrace onto lake Hancza ... almost ready to be a natural holiday home

View from the almost completed terrace onto lake Hancza

during the earthen finishes plastering workshop

Clay is fun for work and play

the back elevation of the clay plastered house

The terrace welcomes you

terrace for earthbag and straw bale workshop groups by lake Hancza

View of the terrace almost completed.

the house built using straw bales and cordwood technology

The straw bale house almost complete, the roof ready for the reed thatching.

a house made of straw bales and a roof made of reed thatch for holiday rental by lake Hancza in Poland

The completed house!