The structure for the Straw Bale Workshop, Turkey, October 2013 being held by Earth, Hands and Houses.

Straw Bale and Clay Plastering Workshop: Building a Round House in Turkey


People having fun at a Clay Plastering Workshop run by Earth, Hands and Houses.

Workshops are always lots of fun!

The structure for the Straw Bale Workshop, Turkey, October 2013 being held by Earth, Hands and Houses.

The wooden framework takes shape

Reciprocal roof being built for the Straw Bale course.

Early stages in the reciprocal roof build…

Food served at an Earth, Hands and Houses natural building workshop

Tasty and healthy food at the end of a hard day

22 – 29th October 2013
A 7 day workshop in the Taurus mountains of Turkey
Taught by Paulina

A wonderful opportunity to gain complete hands-on experience of constructing a real straw bale house in a beautiful location with wonderful hosts.

A straw bale and clay plastering workshop – this is a rare opportunity to learn how to build straw bale walls around a wooden hexagonal structure that supports a reciprocal roof. In a two part workshop we will learn:

  • Straw bale construction techniques
  • Raising straw bale walls with hazel pinning
  • How to tie the straw bale walls together
  • Making a wall plate and compressing a wall
  • Installation of door and window frames

Clay Plastering Techniques:

  • Making clay plaster
  • Recognizing the clay found on our land and understanding how to use it for building
  • Preparation of clay plaster
  • Application of three different layers of earthen clay plaster
  • Preparation of wheat paste for stabilizing the final layer
  • Sculpting with clay plaster
  • Painting with clay paint
  • Making light straw clay insulation

Workshop cost (7 days) : 395 euros

Other practicalities:

  • Food will be provided for an additional cost of approximately 6 euros per day with shared kitchen duties
  • Free camping will be available on site.
  • There will a rest day in the middle of the workshop dates
  • The best way to travel is to fly to Antalya airport in Turkey and then take a one hour bus journey to the workshop location

This is more than just a workshop – it will be a wonderful opportunity to enjoy an amazing 8 days of learning and relaxing amongst like minded people, some who may become your friends for life!

For more details email or call Paulina on +441825713349